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Winter Warmers: Boozy Mulled Wine

Tuesday 22/11/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

It's never to early to brew up a batch of mulled wine. Especially with the nights drawing in and the thermostat dropping to the chilliest of lows. Never underestimate the power of potent spices and a formidable blend of strong liquor and good wine. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun people - so you may as well embrace it.

Winter Warmers - Smashed sprouts with crunchy chestnuts & pancetta

Wednesday 16/11/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

Convert the haters this festive period with a delicious sprout revival recipe. It's perfect for those fussy ones in the family that love the taste of the marmite of the vegetable world but not the texture.

Winter Warmers - Saddleback Pork & Apple Casserole from Piper's Farm

Monday 07/11/16 . Posted By: Oli Justice

Time for another installment of Winter Warmers and this time, we've teamed up with our friends at Pipers Farm to bring you a despicably delicious Saddleback Pork and Apple Casserole.

Tags: Recipes