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Open Plan Shaker Kitchen


Sarah and Adrian approached System Six with a firm idea of what they wanted. Throughout their journey, System Six designer, Anna helped them incorporate each element they wanted within their beautiful kitchen design. She guided them in choosing items which would ensure their design worked efficiently and was in keeping with their lifestyle, so they came away with a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.


Sarah and Adrian first heard of System Six when they decided to renovate their new home. They were undertaking significant work on their house, which included a complete kitchen remodel. System Six Kitchens was the first kitchen showroom recommended to them when they asked their builders if they could suggest any local kitchen suppliers. Their builder had a friend who had bought a System Six Kitchen, which he knew was of excellent quality. Hearing the recommendation from this source gave the couple confidence to visit System Six first.

They had prepared a list of places they’d like to visit, however once they’d visited the showroom and talked to their soon to be designer, Anna, Sarah and Adrian decided they wouldn’t go anywhere else.

One of the aspects the couple liked about System Six was how they could see everything on display, view the cabinets in detail and determine for themselves their quality and strength. 


When it came to designing the kitchen, Sarah knew which elements she liked before Anna got started on planning the kitchen. Many items and accessories were chosen from browsing through different styles and cabinet configurations on display in the showroom. Sarah provided Anna with the list of everything she’d like included in her kitchen, and asked Anna to incorporate as many of these items as possible. Based on these requests Anna was able to begin designing their kitchen. Anna met Sarah’s specifications, resulting in a kitchen design which was both efficient and elegant. However, this design didn’t look how Sarah had expected it to and resulted in an initial reaction of uncertainty. To ensure the couple were completely happy with the design, Anna sat down with Sarah and Adrian to redesign the kitchen. Fundamentally, this ended up resulting in the same kitchen being designed. By going through this process and Anna expressing and explaining the reasoning behind her design choices, Sarah and Adrian became familiarised with the design. Once Sarah and Adrian saw the process behind Anna’s choices, and how she was able to use her expertise to ensure each element of the kitchen Sarah had requested, fit comfortably and effortlessly within the design, they understood their requests were being met. They realised much of their initial uncertainty about the design was due to their preconceived ideas of how they thought the kitchen would look. One of the elements Anna designed differently to what Sarah and Adrian expected was the size and shape of the island. Once Sarah became accustomed to the design, she saw the L shaped island helped with the arrangement of the kitchen as it works as a bridge to the dining area and positions the breakfast bar with a view out of the French doors. Anna also designed the space with the layout of the kitchen in mind, ensuring the space was streamlined and easy to use. With Anna’s design, Sarah and Adrian were able to have every element they asked for, including a kitchen that was in keeping with the arched windows and stained-glass windows which were original features of the home. Anna was able to create a fitting design that still managed to incorporate all the modern necessities, resulting in a contemporary classic kitchen. 

The contemporary door style chosen was influenced by Sarah and Adrian’s visit to the System Six showroom. The Treloy display helped them visualise their kitchen in Light Teal, as it was a colour they wouldn’t have selected based on a brochure. However, this bright colour was subtle enough to use throughout the space, which combined with the subtle and neutral Light Grey met their desire to choose a light shade for their kitchen. The couple based their decision of the Treloy door style on this display too.

Anna was additionally able to provide practical suggestions, including using drawers instead of cupboards. Due to the drawer’s strength and ease of use, Anna made this recommendation, as it is much simpler operating drawers to access the contents, rather than reaching into cabinets to take out items.

Open Plan Shaker Kitchen
Open Plan Shaker Kitchen


The process of ordering and receiving their kitchen from System Six was fairly smooth for Sarah and Adrian, however it was hindered by the rules and regulations introduced with the spread of COVID. Despite the unusual circumstances, Sarah found the process of getting a new kitchen exciting. The couple felt Anna and System Six Kitchens made it exciting for them and provided them with a tailored service. They found Anna visiting them with a hamper when their kitchen was in the last stages of installation a very personal touch. Sarah felt as though Anna was also invested in seeing the kitchen unfold with them. Her energy helped the couple along, especially when dealing with some of the more difficult aspects, keeping the motivation and enthusiasm up.

Sarah and Adrian were at ease when it came to receiving the delivery of the kitchen. They felt they could trust that everything would arrive, and it would be just what they asked for. Even though the delivery of their kitchen was affected by the COVID-19 restrictions, Sarah and Adrian were able to contact Anna throughout, as well as the builders installing the kitchen.

Sarah and Adrian also attended one of the NEFF and Siemens demonstration days before they ordered their kitchen. Attending this event gave them the opportunity to ask all their questions, see the appliances used and watch each functionality in use.


Adrian and Sarah love lots of elements within their kitchen, from the way it looks to the functionality. The larder and island are visually some of the couple’s favourite aspects of the design. Out of items they use the most, their integrated coffee machine fits into this category, while the Quooker Cube tap with the carbonated water component is useful for remembering to drink water and stay hydrated. The boiling water capability of the Quooker Cube is also a very convenient element of this tap.

When asked what kind of reactions Sarah has from family and friends, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone who has seen it, loves it. Sarah is known at work as ‘the one with the nice kitchen’, and she has a few friends who have asked to try their hand at cooking in it.

Overall, Sarah and Adrian, “…felt the showroom was homely, welcoming and the displays were of a high quality. When we met Anna, we were impressed by her professionalism and enthusiasm.”


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