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Mr & Mrs Povey

Why System Six?

System Six was initially recommended to Nick and Tina by Otter Windows who had recently built their conservatory. However, before going to System Six the Povey’s had already received a few quotes from local showrooms.

Tina came into System Six knowing she wanted a modern kitchen, so when Steve created her a design that was completely different to all the others she’d received and met each of her specifications, she knew she wanted to use System Six.

Another reason the Povey’s chose System Six was because Steve was very upfront and honest with them throughout the entire process. Steve let Tina and Nick know when something they wanted wouldn’t work and clearly explained why. This was appreciated, as Tina and Nick felt confident they were receiving a kitchen that not only looked the way they wanted, but also functioned effectively and efficiently.

The Design

Tina knew she wanted a modern kitchen, and as Steve understood exactly what she was looking for he was able to create her dream design.

The design of the kitchen was very modern, with no handles and clean lines. The glossy finishes and curved units created a seamless look. With the addition of integrated appliances and inset sinks this added to the overall contemporary, streamlined style.

While Tina and Nick had initially gone to Steve with the desire to include an island in their design with the view of receiving extra workspace, they were pleased when Steve suggested that this become a working island. By adding in a sink with a hot water tap and a hob this created a multifunctional space with more room for storage, working space and a breakfast bar. Tina and Nick were surprised that the addition of the island made the kitchen appear larger, even though the space contained more.

The overall simplicity of the design, from the shape of the doors to the monochromatic colours selected, created an effortless wow-factor.

The Process

From the initial contact to the end installation of the kitchen, Tina and Nick didn’t think the process could have been made any easier. While their experience wasn’t completely smooth, every issue was overcome, and each problem resolved.

Nick and Tina additionally found Steve’s recommendations of tradespeople very helpful, as it was easier to work through System Six, and employ those who were used to working with System Six cabinets rather than individually sourcing tradespeople. If any issues did arise, Tina and Nick got in touch with the System Six After Sales Manager, Jackie, who resolved each problem for them. Tina and Nick could not have been happier with the aftercare they received from Jackie.

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