Angela is new to the area and so asked a local friend for advice on where to buy a kitchen. Even though they were not a previous customer, the friend recommended System Six. On visiting the showroom, Angela saw the Cornell kitchen on display and loved it and it went from there.


Angela had recently bought a new kitchen for another property, so she already had some experience of what was involved. She had set ideas on certain areas of the kitchen but was not sure how to incorporate the American-style fridge freezer that she wanted because it would only fit in one particular place. While Peter, System Six Designer, tackled that problem, Angela planned the run of units that would surround her oven and hob. She chose to include a cooker canopy to hide the extractor fan and opted for two glazed cabinets to break up the run of wall units.


The whole process went very well. Angela needed a plasterer, electrician and plumber as well as a kitchen fitter and Peter was able to suggest and source all of these. He coordinated all the trades so they could work around each other to get the job done in minimal time. "Everyone who worked on my kitchen was smooth and efficient, and stuck to the schedule.