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Mr & Mrs Yeowell

Why System Six?

Initially when the Yeowell's began looking for kitchen suppliers they visited the likes of Howden's and other similar showrooms. When they set out to look at kitchens, Sarah already had in mind an industrial style kitchen. Specifically, she wanted a matt graphite door, which was not supplied by any of the showrooms they visited. It was soon suggested that they visit the System Six showroom to see the ranges on offer. As soon as Sarah stepped into System Six she knew we were the company she wanted to purchase her kitchen from. When she looked at the Linden Ceramic Anthracite display it was then Sarah decided she'd use the Linden door. With the display showing the mix of solid, stone and woodgrain effects, Sarah was able to choose which Linden doors she'd use in her kitchen.

The Design

Sarah knew she wanted a modern, urban style kitchen before she began looking for a kitchen supplier. The decision to use the Linden door was made as the matt, textured finish is perfect for an industrial style kitchen. As the kitchen space was quite dark she wanted to ensure that, when she had a new kitchen put in, the area was brightened. Even though Sarah wanted to include graphite units, her design created by Carly ensured that the combination of Linden Light Atelier made the kitchen space a much lighter area. The graphite doors were used for the wall units, while her island was finished in Light Atelier, which provided a lift and created point of interest. String lighting was used below the wall cabinets to add extra light within the corner furthest from the French windows that lead outside.

The inspiration behind the industrial style kitchen was the Yeowell's kitchen table. The washed wooden surface is held up by metal legs and surrounded by four metal chairs with a wooden bench in the same design as the table along one side. A fine line between Scandinavian and industrial design, the table provides the perfect style of modernity. Sarah fell in love with it and the interior design style it worked with, so when they decided to install a new kitchen to replace the existing dated shaker style she wanted an ultra-modern design to match.

The Process

From walking into the showroom and looking over the displays for the first time all the way through to finalising the payment, Carly was the designer who dealt with Sarah. Sarah got on well with Carly, feeling that when she was working with her it was more like a friend was doing the designing. Carly made the whole process easy, Sarah found it was never too much trouble for Carly to sit down and talk over changes and ideas. Carly made her feel comfortable asking questions and was always happy to answer queries. With a friend undertaking the fitting of the kitchen, the only others who Sarah immediately dealt with from System Six, were the System Six drivers who delivered the kitchen. Sarah found them friendly, efficient and punctual.

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Favourite part of the kitchen?

Sarah's favourite part of the kitchen was the larder unit. She found it large and spacious, with enough room to ensure everything fits and can be easily organised. The Yeowell's kitchen fitter was very impressed, making the comment that he has never seen anything with such great quality in a larder unit. Another notable part of the kitchen for Sarah is the island. This is because it provides extra space and is a lovely social area. This works particularly well as the kitchen extends out into a living area, providing the opportunity for the room to be used for more than just a cooking space.

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