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We had a clear idea of what we wanted

Mr & Mrs Shoesmith

Why choose System Six?

You were recommended to me by Brian Turner at WWD Architects and D&S Builders.

The design?

I was very clear that I wanted a very modern kitchen. I was certain that I wanted the colours to be very monochrome in Black, White and grey. I had a large input into the design of my kitchen. I was very clear that I wanted a large island and I only wanted 1 piece of Granite. It also had to be easy maintenance.

We had very clear ideas of what we wanted. Due to the flexibility System Six offers with the units they were the perfect supplier of our dream kitchen.

What is your favorite part of your new kitchen?

My Favourite part of the kitchen is the way the kitchen looks out over the whole of Dartmouth and Kingswear.I also love the little butler tap and the fact I do not need to have a kettle cluttering my worktop.

How was your relationship with the designer?

I was very happy with Peter

Did your designer offer up good ideas and solutions to improve your kitchen?

Peter offered me ideas on the best mechanisms to put in my units to ensure that the kitchen was easy maintenance. He advised that my bins should go in a cupboard which I felt has helped hideaway clutter and keeps the fresh, clean look of the kitchen.

Why did you choose this particular kitchen?

It was recommended by Peter and fitted in perfectly of my brief of a monochrome kitchen.

Describe your experience once the fitting of your new Kitchen started?

I was away on holiday for the first part of the fit. I was back in time to watch the craning in of the granite, which was a heart in throat moment. The company who craned it in was incredibly professional and was amazing to watch.

Was the project dealt with with a problem solving attitude?

I wanted the granite on my island to be in one piece which proved problematic in its installation due to where my house is compared with the road, and the access through my garden. For no extra charge, System six kitchens arranged for the Granite to be craned into place from the road above my house. Shortly after my Kitchen was fitted the Hob blew my circuit board. Peter fixed this problem very quickly ensuring that I was not without my hob for long.

Would you recommend System 6 kitchens?

I would recommend System Six and I think that System Six should try creating a bedroom range. I will be returning to you to design and produce the units for my Utility room and my Entertainment Centre.

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Mr & Mrs Wallwork

Our friends and family love the kitchen. It's a good party room and worked really well at Christmas because there is so much serving space.

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Mr & Mrs James

My wife didn't shed a tear when I proposed to her, but she cried when she saw our new kitchen

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Mr & Mrs Lacy

Due to the flexibility System Six offers with the units they were the perfect supplier of our dream kitchen

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