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mr James
The design was spot on!

Mr & Mrs James

Why Choose System Six?

I know they are the best quality in the area.

The design?

I knew what I wanted and Ian was able to understand my ideas and create a design that was spot on.

What is your favorite part of your new kitchen?

I like the look of it and the layout. It works very well.

How was your relationship with the designer?

Very good. I wanted a new kitchen as a surprise for my wife. Ian worked with me to keep it quiet, and organized for it to be fitted while we were away on holiday. It wasn't easy as the room used to be a bedroom. My wife didn't cry when I proposed to her but she cried when she saw the new kitchen!

Did your designer offer up good ideas and solutions to improve your kitchen?

Yes he did. I wanted one long, continuous shelf above the work top, that could take a good amount of weight but without using brackets. Ian came up with the solution of creating a fake wall under the shelf, reinforced with steel so it would be very strong.

Why did you choose this particular kitchen?

I wanted it to look clean and sleek.

Describe your experience once the fitting of your new Kitchen started?

Well I wasn’t present for the fitting but it was finished when we arrived home from holiday and was exactly what I’d asked for. Now that’s what you call hassle-free!

Was the project dealt with with a problem solving attitude?

There were a couple of issues but I wasn’t even aware of them until after the event. The fitters just got on with the job and worked around the problems as they went.

What was it like working with System 6 Kitchens?

Very good. The designer listened to my ideas and brought them into reality. And the way they helped to make this a surprise for my wife was really going that extra mile.

Now that your kitchen is completed is it all that you dreamt off?

Yes, it’s exactly what I wanted.

Would you recommend System 6 kitchens?

Yes. My sister-in-law now has a System 6 Kitchen, as do two of my wife’s work colleagues.

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"Awesome" has been the most common word used!

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Mr & Mrs Lacy

Due to the flexibility System Six offers with the units they were the perfect supplier of our dream kitchen

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Mr & Mrs Pyne

Everything is in the right place. I can cook on the hob whilst chatting to friends either sat at the table or out on the balcony, and my wine fridge is close at hand!

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Mr & Mrs Shoesmith

I will be returning to System Six to design and produce the units for my utility room and my entertainment centre.

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