Kirsten and Martin went through the very common procedure of visiting various local kitchen showrooms to see what was on offer and make comparisons. They had already decided they wanted a modern, handleless kitchen, and requested a design from one of the companies. The design turned out to be unimaginative, simply changing the facade of their kitchen but not the layout.


One of the aspects the couple liked about System Six was how they could see everything on display, view the cabinets in detail and determine for themselves their quality and strength.


The decision for Kirsten and Martin to get a new kitchen was largely driven by the fact their existing kitchen needed replacing. Because of this, they took the opportunity to redesign their space, which resulted in a larger room to install a kitchen in. 

Because of ongoing building work, this added another element of project management to the procedure. Jim was able to coordinate all tradespeople with the ordering and delivery of the kitchen, so the kitchen was delivered on schedule. 

As Jim project managed the kitchen, he was able to provide additional support to Martin who was fitting the kitchen himself. With Jim on hand, Martin was able to discuss fitting queries with him when required and with After Sales Manager, Jackie, who was able to provide additional support. 

The kitchen delivery went relatively smoothly. While there were a few hiccups along the way, these were all sorted out easily by Jackie. Ultimately, with so much support available and with project management provided by Jim, Kirsten and Martin found the process simple and they’d recommend System Six to anyone.

Favourite Part

Kirsten and Martin love the overall design of the kitchen as they felt Jim created it with their family in mind. The inclusion of the breakfast bar was a design element that helped to bring the family together, and ensure the children are welcome within the kitchen. Other elements that made this kitchen family friendly were the appliances recommended by Jim. The induction hob is viewed as a great asset, as it reduces concerns of their children accidently being injured in the kitchen. The NEFF Slide&Hide ovens also makes their kitchen feel safer as it provides easier access to the oven when putting in and removing dishes.

The Quooker tap adds to the efficiency within the kitchen, as it speeds up processes and is incredibly convenient. Initially Kirsten and Martin had heard negative things about boiling water taps, however once they’d tried the working display within the showroom, they found the Quooker tap useful and safe.

While Jim provided his guidance and expertise on safety, he also ensured the kitchen’s aesthetic was a priority, including integrated lighting, keeping the kitchen bright and welcoming.

The service was a factor that stood out for Kirsten and Martin. They found Jim very attentive, nothing was too much trouble for him and he responded to emails promptly. They appreciated his patience and guidance to help them reach decisions they were completely comfortable with.

Overall, Kirsten and Martin say their kitchen is, ‘Amazing, can’t fault it. Everything is sturdy and well made, and we’re really pleased with all the appliances as well.’