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Carly really understood what we wanted

Mr and Mrs Grinsted

Why System Six?

System Six was recommended to the Grinsted’s by family and friends. After they sourced bathroom units from System Six, Mrs Grinsted asked Carly to design her kitchen as they worked well together on their previous project. Now their kitchen is finished, the Grinsted’s have asked Carly to design their bedroom units.

The Design

Sarah knew she wanted a modern, urban style kitchen before she began looking for a kitchen supplier. The decision to use the Linden door was made as the matt, textured finish is perfect for an industrial style kitchen. As the kitchen space was quite dark she wanted to ensure that, when she had a new kitchen put in, the area was brightened. Even though Sarah wanted to include graphite units, her design created by Carly ensured that the combination of Linden Light Atelier made the kitchen space a much lighter area. The graphite doors were used for the wall units, while her island was finished in Light Atelier, which provided a lift and created point of interest. String lighting was used below the wall cabinets to add extra light within the corner furthest from the French windows that lead outside.

A light, airy Scandinavian style kitchen was created with the use of Linden Natural Halifax Oak, Premium White and Light Grey doors and through the optimisation of kitchen space.

The kitchen was designed to make use of the considerable space available. This was partly prompted by the original kitchen consisting of only five basic, homemade units that were installed by the previous occupants of the house. As the space hadn’t been used efficiently, the Grinsted’s wanted to make full use of the room. To do so, they installed cabinets on each side of the kitchen, included an island and opted for double wall units to make use of the considerable height in the room and to maximise the kitchen storage.

The Linden doors were selected after Mr and Mrs Grinsted visited the System Six showroom and saw the fjord Linden display. Initially, they had chosen to use the fjord colour in their kitchen, however at the last moment they changed their minds and alternatively went for the three colours to create a more eclectic feel. The combination of finishes creates an easy and relaxed feel, especially when combined with the simplistic and modern Linden style. An integrated look was achieved by installing cabinets in a recessed space and opting to use Natural Halifax Wood doors. By using a door with a more organic feel and ensuring the doors were flush with the wall, an impression that the cabinets were part of the house was created.

One of the reasons the Grinsted’s liked the design so much is because it’s different to traditional kitchens. With the design incorporating light colours throughout the kitchen this helped make the space appear larger than before, despite the room now containing more.

To further emphasise the light and airy feel, an Elica extractor was included, which was chosen for its sculptural feel.

The NEFF built in coffee machine was the family’s touch of luxury they chose to incorporate into their everyday life. It’s the most used element within the kitchen, with it being operated every day and more often than their other free-standing coffee maker.

Hidden plugs were included in the island which allow the kids to use the island as a work space. By putting the plugs in an unobtrusive place this doesn’t disturb the lines of the kitchen and minimalizes dust gathering.

The Process

When asked about the process of receiving a kitchen, Mrs Grinsted said, ‘System Six were so service orientated and Carly couldn’t do enough to help. We were treated more as a friend than a customer and always got a friendly reception on the phone.’

The Grinsted’s felt as though Carly really understood what they wanted and bought their ideas to life.

To help purchase their kitchen, the Grinsted’s used System Six’s interest free finance offer, which allowed them to spread out their payments over 12 months at 0% interest. This created a manageable way to pay for their kitchen.

Most of the process went smoothly, however when the wall cabinets were fitted it was discovered the house wasn’t square. When System Six fitter, Ryan, attempted to install the wall cabinets he saw the problem. To install these wall units, Ryan had to level out the wall to create an even surface before he could mount the units. Ryan was so proud of the double wall units that he installed that he took photos once they were complete.

Once the kitchen was complete, Mrs Grinsted made a lemon meringue pie, because in order to create this dessert she could make use of every appliance in the kitchen.

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