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Mark & Barrie

Why System Six?

Barrie and Mark needed a new kitchen after a pipe burst and flooded their ground floor. They had already been planning on refurbishing their kitchen, however this was sped up due to the damage caused by the water. They searched online for places to buy kitchens from, and visited a couple of other showrooms in Exeter before settling on System Six. Before Barrie and Mark went into System Six they had a fairly good idea we were a strong contender due to our positive reviews. Once Mark and Barrie discovered how reasonably priced System Six was, especially when compared to the quality, they chose to use System Six.

The Design

Mark and Barrie's design was influenced by how they decorated their fireplace. A deep red wall was featured within the fireplace with dark slate flooring. This crimson and graphite combination was then incorporated into the kitchen design. Manston matt Graphite was the door style of choice, which was installed against the red backdrop of the kitchen wall. This style of kitchen was chosen as Barrie and Mark liked the look of the smooth door, its flat colour and practicality. The Manston door, being a Made-to-Measure style also worked well in Mark and Barrie's house as it could be designed to fit into the uneven shape of their period home. The slab door was chosen because they specifically wanted a modern style, to create a juxtaposition between the older style of their country cottage and the contemporary slab kitchen.

This theme fits in well with the decor of their home as they have carefully included a quirky mix of ultra-modern and traditional furnishings throughout. While they liked the look of a sleek and modern handleless design, Mark and Barrie chose to use a sleek trim handle look, rather than opt for the Aluma style to maintain maximum practicality. Continuing in this theme of ensuring functionality, Mark and Barrie chose a white worktop as they've previously had a black surface which they found challenging to keep clean. In terms of appliances, Barrie and Mark chose to include Neff Slide & Hide ovens because they had previously had them in their last kitchen.

The Process

Due to the water damage in their home, Mark and Barrie had to plan their kitchen to fit in with all the other work being undertaken in their house. Due to this they had to coordinate a date and provide a time to have the kitchen delivered and fitted. This worked well as the kitchen was put in at the organised time. System Six fitters, Ryan and Sam installed their kitchen. Mark and Barrie found them polite, tidy and extremely competent.

While most of the kitchen was installed with no problems, a couple of minor issues occurred. However, when this was the case, Mark and Barrie were pleased with how Jim and Jackie handled the situation, by rapidly responding to the issues raised and ensuring they were rectified. They were also impressed by how System Six employees came out and put in time to go through any of the problems they experienced.

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Favourite part of the kitchen?

Mark and Barrie's favourite part of the kitchen is their island. They like it because it creates a social space, where they can sit or stand around it. This works especially well when they are entertaining. With a fireplace situated beside the kitchen, this proves to be a cosy space. Mark and Barrie are pleased they chose not to include appliances or a sink in the island as they like keeping a large surface free to make bread on, prepare and serve food and to eat around. They also see the island as a feature which opens up the space.

Another noticeable element within their kitchen is the Caple extractor. Mark and Barrie had planned to use an integrated hood but thought it wouldn't be congruent with the quirky design of their kitchen. They wanted a centre point and focus within their kitchen, so when Jim found them this unusual extractor, they knew that's what they wanted.

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