Jacalyn and Sam chose System Six Kitchens due to the affordability, approachability and accommodating service offered. They found their designer wasn’t fazed by any request or alteration that was made throughout their project. The extensive range of colours and styles made available another contributing factor behind their decision to use System Six.



The kitchen was updated from a tiny 1950’s design as part of Jacalyn and Sam’s home renovations. A wall was knocked through which opened the kitchen to almost three times the original size, creating more space to work with.

Jacalyn was quite flexible on the design of her kitchen, allowing their designer Carly to be creative with her ideas. The only aspect of the kitchen Jacalyn was firmly set on was the colour of the doors, as she had already chosen Copse Green, having previously seen this colour featured in another kitchen.

To ensure the new kitchen seamlessly fit into the recesses and spaces of the kitchen, Carly helped Jacalyn select a door style that would accommodate this. Initially, Jacalyn was leaning towards using an in-frame door in the kitchen, rather than the Fitzroy shaker. However, with the deep colour Jacalyn had opted for, Carly recommended a shaker door as an alternative. This was a more economical decision, due to the rich colour being enough to create a look as luxurious as an in-frame kitchen. As this option was more compatible with Jacalyn and Sam’s budget, they decided to opt for the simple shaker door of Fitzroy.

Jacalyn and Sam didn’t want a door that lent itself to either contemporary or classical style, so the smooth shaker door of Fitzroy was the perfect compromise. The lack of woodgrain modernised the look, whilst the shaker door maintained the traditional kitchen style.

While using a dark shade for the entire kitchen was an unusual decision, Jacalyn chose it because of the depth and richness of the green. The colour worked to translate outside elements in and was sympathetic to the farmlands surrounding the home. With lots of natural light welcomed in, this helped keep the room bright. Jacalyn additionally liked the contrast created with the dark green working as a backdrop for lighter colours, which was reflected in the pale coloured worktop that sat on the dark units and the pale pink walls which encompassed the entire room.

One area Jacalyn approached Carly for help with was advice on how to fill a recess in the kitchen that was left over from their renovation. In response to this, Carly suggested making use of full-length doors available in the Fitzroy range to install a larder unit. To ensure this design decision worked with the rest of the kitchen, Carly also suggested including a built-in full-length fridge to mirror the larder.

Jacalyn had additionally thought about including an island in the kitchen, however with the narrow space available to them this wasn’t plausible. To offer a solution to this, Carly suggested implementing a peninsular with a wooden breakfast bar as an alternative. The peninsular worked well as a divide within the room and created a slight separation between the cooking and dining area. The rich colour of the walnut worktop for the breakfast bar also helped set off the green cabinets.

The Process

The process of receiving a System Six kitchen was simple and efficient for Jacalyn and Sam. Any issues they experienced were quickly resolved.

When the kitchen was fitted, the fitter that installed Jacalyn and Sam’s cabinets was very impressed with the quality of the kitchen, and commented he preferred working with System Six kitchens to other makes.

The service Carly provided was another aspect Jacalyn and Sam were especially pleased with. They appreciated Carly being flexible enough to offer them the freedom to source their handles themselves, as, at the time of purchasing the kitchen, System Six didn’t have access to the brass handles they wanted.

Friends and family were impressed with the quality and design, and Jacalyn found System Six, ‘… approachable, (and) the kitchens are affordable with up-to-date designs and a friendly team’.