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True Handleless Aluma Kitchen


Matt began his journey by visiting a range of kitchen showrooms and compiling his ideas. Once his design was complete, he contacted a designer to see what kind of input they had. Not convinced with the designer’s contribution or their ability to translate his intricate design into reality, Matt got in touch with System Six Kitchens after being inspired by a friend’s high-end kitchen.


We asked Matt why he chose System Six for his project…

We first heard about System Six Kitchens from a friend that had recently had a high-end kitchen fitted by System Six that I was really impressed with. The kitchen was simply stunning and that was the first time that your name was dropped in conversation.

Before we made contact, we went to other kitchen companies to gather ideas and compile them. Some of the showrooms we viewed got a little overwhelming because of how large they were like Wren Kitchens. They have an impressive showroom but there’s far too much to look at and you almost feel like you’re drowning with the number of options that are available. There was also the issue of reputation which put me off from using them. Even though we came across kitchens we really liked in there, we had a feeling that they wouldn’t do our space justice.”

Matt then gave us insight into his first experience with System Six Kitchens…

“We then went to System Six Kitchens knowing exactly what we wanted to pull off. I think from System Six Designer Anna’s point of view, this was great, and we had plenty of ideas to give her which helped with the process of where exactly to start our journey. The design Anna was able to produce from the ideas my partner and I collaborated on was pretty much spot on!"

Matt then touched upon a few of his design choices…

We chose doors from the Aluma range because they matched the style we were going for and provided sleek, clean lines that I fell in love with. We also had to consider that we have a little one, so we didn’t want handles. Our little one is at that age now where he’s realised how to open doors, so the Handleless design meant that he would keep out of dangerous things that he shouldn’t be in. This meant we could rest easy knowing he’s a little safer in the kitchen, which was a big thing for us."


We asked Matt how his new kitchen complements his lifestyle…

The Matt doors that we chose mean that marks won’t show up as easily as they would on a Gloss door. We chose that specifically because if our little one is riding scooters around or playing with toys, we don’t have to worry about him scratching the doors.

Matt continues…

The System Six doors are very durable, so you’re not constantly treading on eggshells. You can actually enjoy the kitchen! I think as time goes on, we are getting a little less precious with everything and you just start living in it. That’s a nice feeling.

One thing I was really impressed by was how the kitchen feels like it’s grown even though the island is twice the size as the original. I think that’s a really cool thing to pull off. If you can make additions and make it feel like you have more space then that’s simply amazing and speaks volumes about the collaboration and communication between us and System Six Designer, Anna.

You’ve added more to it, but it feels freer.

True Handleless Aluma Kitchen
True Handleless Aluma Kitchen


We asked Matt what his favourite element of the kitchen is…

For me, it has to be the Kitchen Island. We are going to be hosting Christmas this year so it’s going to be fantastic having the family over. The expansion of the Kitchen Island means that we can have everyone sitting around the island to socialise which is really important to us.

Honestly, I like everything! The mood lighting in the kitchen certainly goes a long way and I think it helps make our kitchen come to life! In the evening when only a few lights are on, it completely changes the look and feel of the kitchen and I quite like being able to change the attitude with the click of a button.

The quality is another thing I really admire, the worktop, in particular, is stunning. Everything just feels sturdy.”


Matt described his experience with System Six Designer, Anna…

Anna worked with exactly what we wanted and she was a fantastic listener. There were a lot of things that we had to play around with, such as the lights featured above the island. Anna worked directly with me on that feature and if I’m honest I truly didn’t know how that was going to go.

When I told our electrician the plan to make the lighting a focus point over the island, he said he had never done anything like that before. The plinth had to be built just right so if I was going to suspend it with wires, the base wasn’t going to collapse with the lights attached to it. I had to find a way of fixing that piece made from System Six and work out how I was going to fit it. There’s about 50kg suspended there, so it was a bit nerve-racking.

Watching it actually come together from an idea Anna and I had was very satisfying. I explained what I wanted to achieve, and she said, ‘here’s how we can do it and make it fit in with the rest of the kitchen’. We ended up with a kitchen that we were hoping and dreaming of, so that’s the main thing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I tried to get the best high-end finish we could. It’s everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better finish at the end of the day.

I’ve always said kitchens are the hardest thing to get right. We took our time to collaborate ideas and asked ourselves if our ideas could be translated into reality. We decided we could, and thanks to System Six Kitchens and Designer Anna, it did.”


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