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Traditional Shaker Family Kitchen


Lizzie wanted her kitchen to fit around her family lifestyle and her husband Steve’s passion for cooking. Her heart was set on a shaker kitchen in a very specific colour she had found in a magazine. After drawing up some designs and getting nowhere with other kitchen companies, she decided to get in touch with System Six Kitchens.


We spoke to Lizzie about her kitchen, and she let us know the inspiration behind her design…

“We do quite a lot of cooking in this household and so we wanted the kitchen to be as open as possible. The Kitchen Island included in our original idea was a necessity as we have young children and so the island would allow us to keep an eye on them while we prepare food, instead of having our backs to them which was an issue in our previous kitchen design.”

Lizzie continued…

“I’d drawn a birds-eye view of a couple of different ideas Steve and I had and gave these to our System Six designer, Carly. She made some slight adjustments and sent back a few design variations, giving me a clear view of what was possible within the space I had.

When we finalised the design, Carly was great at answering our questions. When we explained that we wanted a different colour for the Kitchen Island and that we couldn’t find it in the showroom, Carly explained to us that we could use System Six’s Colour Match Service, which worked perfectly for us.”


We asked Lizzie about her decision to use our Colour Match Service and paint her Kitchen Island in Painted Smoke Green (Farrow & Ball)…

“I am really into interior design and had discovered Smoke Green from the Farrow & Ball Green range in a magazine. I was certain that it was the colour I wanted to choose because of how well it worked within the context of a shaker style kitchen. Overall, I felt that the shaker style was more in keeping with the traditional look we were going for.

That’s also the reasoning behind our decision to choose Light Grey, it added a neutral tone that complemented the Smoke Green and worked completely in harmony with the Keele shaker door we chose.”

Traditional Shaker Family Kitchen
Traditional Shaker Family Kitchen


We spoke to Lizzie about what convinced her to choose System Six for her dream kitchen…

“I chose System Six because they are renowned for good quality kitchens. I’m always hearing friends and family compliment System Six Kitchen’s durability and longevity.

I had looked at other kitchen companies, but they just couldn’t compare. Simply put, because of how local they are and because of their quality, it had to be System Six.”


We then asked Lizzie for her thoughts on System Six Designer, Carly…

“Our experience with Carly was fantastic and she was extremely knowledgeable.

I had a set vision of what I wanted, and Carly really engaged with this. She came up with lots of ideas and then explained how these ideas would work effortlessly with our original design. As well as providing these ideas, she was also able to offer a sense of realism that helped us manage our expectations regarding the space we had and what was possible within this realm. It is easy to browse Instagram and get carried away with what you see.

For example, we really wanted a corner larder with the option of the wine rack, but we rarely drink, and this space wouldn’t have been that practical. Carly pointed out that this area would be more optimised for space if we used it as food storage, so she was excellent at helping us make viable decisions.

Carly was really patient with us and built a kitchen for us based on our lifestyle.”

Finally, Lizzie summarised her experience with System Six Kitchens…

“Overall, I felt that I was completely looked after. The entire process was smooth, from our initial design to the final order.

I just think it’s an amazing space, and the kitchen works in complete harmony with our lifestyle.

My favourite bit of the kitchen is coming home on a Friday night, coming back to my partner cooking up a meal while I sit at the breakfast bar with a glass of wine.”

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