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Dual Working Zones


After living in their house for 5 years and putting up with ceilings that leaked and no central heating, Elizabeth Kingdon and her family decided to completely overhaul their entire home and chose System Six to design and build their kitchen.


Elizabeth took the usual route of speaking to a few different kitchen suppliers before making her decision. It was Charlie, Elizabeth’s husband, that suggested System Six Kitchens and Anna was the first person she spoke to. “Anna was a saint! She’s so good with this style of kitchen and building, it’s becoming her speciality.” Elizabeth also comments “it’s nice to have an Exeter-made kitchen that hasn’t gone across the country or the world. (With System Six) you aren’t being passed around, person to person, you get that consistency. Even the kitchen fitter was a guy from Newton Abbot, he was so nice.”


Elizabeth chose to split the kitchen into two zones. The first is the ‘messy’ zone, which houses the bins, dishwasher and back-up oven as well as providing plenty of food storage. This area can’t be seen from the dining table, so any mess, such as washing up, is kept out of sight and does not negatively impact the aesthetics/atmosphere when hosting.

The second, ‘clean’ zone forms part of the dining area and is home to items such as tableware, drinks, a recycling bin and a cupboard for the kids’ arts and crafts items. It is still a working cooking area, showcasing a beautiful Aga and island, “when we are entertaining, we put the food out on the ‘clean’ island, so people can get what they want and take it back to the table.”

Dual Working Zones
Dual Working Zones


Elizabeth asked for a floating-effect island; one that has no plinths or visible legs and so appears to hover in mid-air. This isn’t an easy effect to achieve, especially as the cabinets required plumbing and electricity. However, along with input from System Six Kitchens’ CEO Ian Foster, Anna and fitter Richard were able to fulfil this request without compromise.

Other unique elements can be found in the Kingdon’s kitchen, such as a charging drawer and ‘cold larder’ – a food storage cabinet with external ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout all levels.


“(Anna) really helped me in terms of space and the configuration of cupboards, that’s the knowledge that I don’t have. I was quite keen on keeping things symmetrical and just making it look good – there were hours of those CAD drawings going backwards and forwards and Anna helped with the colours and then the taps. I think the great thing about System Six Kitchens is that you can tweak it to make it more or less expensive as you like.”

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