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Contemporary Bar and Nightlife Area


James and Gina’s project started with a combined vision of what their basement area could become. At the beginning of their journey, their basement was dilapidated and suffered from cobwebs, mushrooms, damp and peeling paint. One half was a run-down billiards room, and the other half was an old wine cellar. They decided to give System Six Kitchens a call.


We asked Gina about her journey with System Six Kitchens from her initial concept to reality.

“My husband James is knowledgeable when it comes to audio equipment, lighting technology, sound, acoustics, and room dimensions. I’m much better with mood boards, and so I created a few of these and showed James who was then able to put the design into action.”

Gina described her initial interaction with System Six Designer Emily, and how she presented her mood boards.

“There’s going to be a bar, it’s going to have backlighting, it’s going to have colours, we’re going to have the bottles lit and we’ll probably have padded seating inside.”

“Emily was very helpful, she explained how System Six could make this process seamless for us. She was very good at coming in and saying, ‘there is a problem there, but I know how to fix it’ – that’s what I found really useful to work with.”

After their discussion with James and Gina, Emily took their concept away before converting it to CGI Imagery. James described his reaction upon seeing his design being translated into CGI - “Emily asked us ‘Is that what you mean?’ and we were like ‘Perfect.’ Having that visualisation of your project in your mind is one thing but seeing it there in a virtual world makes it a lot easier to picture the result.“


We asked Gina about her decision to choose a Manston handleless door with a Gloss finish from our Aluma range.

“To me, glossy doors shout, sleek, up-market, nightclub, bar, evening wear, and heels. It needs to be seamless. It had to be able to be quick and easy to clean, as well as durable. It’s a useable space and it’s very tactile.

The gloss finish is in keeping with the environment. Light bounces off the doors. The worktop also has a glittery type of finish to complement the lights and disco ball. The breadth of choice that was available to us was insane and so we were able to go a step beyond our concept.”

Contemporary Bar and Nightlife Area
Contemporary Bar and Nightlife Area


We asked James why he chose System Six for the project…

“It matters to System Six that you guys walk out of a building and go ‘Awesome.’ We’ve always felt looked after. There is no other word. You were an asset to our project. It was exactly what we asked for, within our timescale and true to the budget that was allowed. It was quite simply a successful project.”

James continued,

“As with most projects, there will generally be a snagging list, things that need tweaking. We didn’t. There was not a single tweak needed.

The one thing we had to do was replace a door that had a small scratch. At the end of it, it was a simple ‘Thanks for notifying us, a spare is on the way’ and we were able to resolve that issue right away - that comes back to the customer service and support. We are ecstatic, it’s a great space, we love it. We absolutely love it.”

We asked Gina about her overall experience with System Six…

“The irony of it all is that I haven’t stepped foot out of this house, I haven’t even been to System Six. Emily came to us with a massive selection and made it so easy. She was able to come out with samples, match our mood board and show us how each piece complemented another, and away we went. We built the mood board in the kitchen, and it never left this house.

Emily provided us with a portable showroom. She provided us with what we needed for us to make our decisions. The design, the finish, the quality side of it – it’s very in keeping with the value of the house. We couldn’t have imagined going to another manufacturer because with System Six, you are ultimately buying a lifestyle and that’s priceless. That to me, says it’s got to be System Six.”


The couple described their experience with their System Six Designer, Emily…

“We thought Emily was very good as a designer, she saw our mood boards and immediately understood our vision. She was guiding us with thoughts like ‘Do you need running water down there, do you need a sink? Have you got pipework?’.

As soon as we told Emily that we wanted a commercial fridge installed, she adapted the worktops and depth requirements to accommodate for this. She made it seamless and was able to guide us into the right selection of choices. We thoroughly enjoyed learning from Emily, and I think Emily enjoyed getting her teeth into something quirky and a bit wacky and something different.

Emily was such a good listener, and her attitude was fantastic. Ultimately that’s what we admire about System Six.”

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